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denver show on june 21st almost sold out and l.a. march 1st, nokia, d.c. april 26th. long island june 1st, kansas city june 22nd and the tickets on the show going fast and check it out on bill o' and jim burke in arlington, you and miller were disrespectful on the post resignation. you guys should be ashamed. i think that's a given, jim. and tonight, factor tip of the day, some advice for the kids. my nine-year-old asked me, my nine-year-old son, asked me what he should give up for be lent. i told him whining. he said, let's be realistic. so i said, why not do this: every day for the next 40 days, you do an act of kindness, one a day, at least, and then you write it down in a journal. doesn't have to be a big thing just something extra that you do for somebody else, don't have to be christian, or
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religious, just suggest that to the urchin and it's a great experiment and take it over, that kind of thing, all right? and factor tip of the day. and that's it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor website different from and we let you spout off about the factor anywhere in the world.,, anytime, anytime. the word of the day, do not be effete. do not be effete, and remember, the >> welcome to red eye. tom, what's coming up tonight? >> thanks. coming up on tonight's show aircrafts group of california
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high school students is fond of wearing patriotic bandanas and chapting u-s-a. >> mayor bloomberg wants to ban styrofoam. mayor bloomberg, get your hands off my chicken masala. teens have been sleep texting and not remembering what they write which makes sense because i don't remember what i do when i am asleep -- and by asleep, i mean awake. and by don't remember, i mean won't admit to. andy? thanks a lot. >> see you at the half. let's welcome our guests. i am here with author, columnist and fox news contributor gedid ayah billa. bill schultz, you think he's on the face right now. next to me is john gibson, host of the john gibson show on fox news radio, weekdays noon
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eastern. >> does wearing old glory not hunky dory? a group of students in a basketball game in california were told to stop yelling u-s-a and ordered to remove their american flag bandanas or leave in a matchup. four camarillo students lift and ran back in during half-time, bandanas still on, still chanting. at that point, three were given five-day suspensions and the principal said they were merely asked to leave and report to him. whitman said they were asked to take off their bandanas as a precaution and chanting u-s-a was controversial because of diversity among the students. since both schools have large hispanic populations, the chants could have been perceived as
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racially charged. listen up -- >> it has nothing to do with being patriotic or nonpatriotic. it has to do with the fact that they are make egg chant regarding that we are from u-s-a and you are not. now, whether that's the implied intent, that's the way it comes across. >> meanwhile, race relations between puppies and turtles remains 10uous at best. [dog barking] >> that was a hate crime, i am pretty sure. that was not right. >> that's what my dog does. >> is that right? >> it's not a turtle. >> no, she does it against other dogs. >> and her dog's named turtle, which is crazy. >> john, in the green room, you were saying good for the school district for stopping the students from doing their non-exclusive u-s-a chants.
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>> no, i wasn't. >> robbie, can we roll that tape? >> yes, please. >> the superintendent should be fired. what are we talking about here? if the kids from the other school were insulted, they should have been chanting u-s-a, too. they are living in the usa. they are americans. this is what's going on in california, let's pretend mexico is not taking the state when in fact, it is. it's like we are going to keep it a secret. >> meanwhile, as far as kitell, nobody from the other school complained about the chant. >> it's the hypersensitivity of the superintendent. which is why i think he should be fired. >> when i first heard the story, i was wondering if it was white kids chanting u-s-a at a shot as hispanics. then i found tape of the actual crowd. robbie, can we roll that? [cheering] [chanting u-s-a].
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>> so it's actually a pretty diverse racial mixture in the crowd chanting u-s-a, maybe that should have been a tipoff to the principal that this wasn't racially motivated. >> both schools have about the same population of hispanics. this is not one school targeting another based on their race. at the end of the day, aren't all of these people american? even if they are hispanic, they are hispanic american. you are in america. i'm an italian american. but i am an american first. why is it bad to be patriotic. even if you have italian background, promoting america doesn't demean the other culture. >> that's a good point. if the princes pal thinks chanting u-s-a is offensive to hispanics, what is that say about his view of hispanics. >> i think he is worried about getting fired. i am a canadian. when i first moved here, on 4th
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of july, i was offended with the lack of beaver iconography. we are american now. i thought, why can't i complain? [chuckles] >> you are the alderman of canadian community affairs. and i actually envy the mexicans in california because they have this platform to say, hey... stop loving the country that we moved to because it's so awesome and preventing us from chanting u-s-a, even -- like don't the gyps have spanish names? >> so we are so worried that mexicans can't even assimilate. [laughter] >> it's true. >> it's right. i identify with gavin because i wasn't borned in you said either, i was born in illinois. everywhere i go, i am like, why isn't there more mustache appreciation. >> most of the places gudo have
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mustache appreciation. >> i disagree! >> pretty much anywhere you go, people chant go away, go away. i am guessing that sounds similar. >> u-s-a. >> i don't like it when i come to work and you are saying that. i have to earn a check cha-cha. i would like to give you a valentine, not to take away from your special day. i know you like the greem room cookies, but i made these myself. they are warm because they have been in my pocket. ooh, is that a chip on your shoulder? >> oh, i'm touched. >> you should be touched. i am touched back -- >> a lot. >> i am not going to eat that. >> thanks for answering the question, bill. can we take a look at the picture of these dudes again? if that's possible. i can't tell you if they are racist, but i can tell you this, i don't like them. i can also tell you they probably have done a couple of upper deckers at parties and
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give a lot of purple in your opinionles and when they wear hats, they wear them backwards. maybe i am stereotyping. >> it looks like the guy on the right was wearing a red eye shirt. >> yeah, but he's not. i want to live in their necks. >> oh. >> you know -- [laughter] >> john, the day after this happened, the principal held -- there was a sort of a student protest. and the principal called everyone into the gymnasium and what he did was, he turned it into a teachable moment, because that's what people do when they are wrong. they call it a teachable moment. >> we have heard that other places. >> yeah, exactly. he said, quote, we wanted to make sure the u-s-a chant wasn't racially motivated. i told the kids, i want to be sensitive to the feelings of everybody. if we're doing it for patriotism, that's fine, but if we are doing it for other reasons, i am not going to allow
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this. why not ask them why are they doing it? >> i am sure he didn't want a riot on his hands. if the other school was going to chant mexico, mexico, mexico, maybe they would have had a problem. those kids are probably over there, going, yeah, u-s-a. and? what? i think they are out of their minds hyper... politically correct. and this one stepped up and bit him. >> i do have to ask gavin, what is the point of chanting u-s-a, u-s-a? >> it's such an easy, simple form of patriotism, my country. the fact that that is controversial is pretty daunting i. i agree. they are not out of their mines. now we have to know the motive of streaming the name of my country. >> i completely agree with you. but i don't understand. >> i would think you would be chanting for your team. >> it wasn't that absurd because
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saying that got them in big trouble. we are in a situation where you can't say, i don't hate the country i live in. >> that's it. >> we are going to edit that out. >> well, one of the kids did say -- but this was after the fact. he said he wanted this whole thing to go viral, as the kids say, john. >> yes. >> you may have a point there. >> a lot -- in california, a lot of black kids in high schools will not go to school during cinco de mayo and a lot of latino skid kids will not go to high school on martin luther king day because of the subtext. but to justify the subtext by expelling people or saying you can't come to school or do that in school is to say that it's valid. and to justify the subliminal message. >> that's our job. >> all right. >> from cheering to cheating, in d.c., a stomping grounds for the cheating crowd. [laughter] >> i got all my news here.
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our nation's capitol is our nation's least faithful city. the web set says d.c. has the highest number of new members per capita of adulterers. the texas cities of austin and houston, and then miami and oklahoma city, kansas. there is a theory, explaining, with enormous public attention paid to political cheating scandals this year, including the general petraeus affair, there was no doubt that washington residents would be influenced. living in d.c., it's critical to keep up appearances and adultery is a way of life. he then dove head first into a volcano -- >> what?! >> we spoke to a new ashley mad son member for more.
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>> see, the gate is marriage and he feels trapped. it's a metaphor. >> all right. eats clear whose fault it is that d.c. is number 1 on the list. >> barack obama. >> thank you. next story, please. [laughter] >> until we get a new president, it's just going to get worse. this doesn't surprise me, actually, that the numbers were high in d.c., what does surprise me was that new york city was want ranked high. if there is an area where power and glory and all of that and money and having a hot girl on your arm or a hot -- new york is about that, quite a bit. >> i tried it in new york. hotels are so expensive. >> that's a problem. >> that's a problem. >> d.c.'s probably pretty expensive, too. >> d.c., you can drive to virginia or maryland. >> that's a really good point. >> two of the top cities, austin and houston are in texas.
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apparently if you don't mess with texas, but if you do mess around in texas? >> ooh... >> oil people. lots of money. lots of action. >> sure, sure. are you saying they are made of oil? because that would be weird. >> they are made of oil money -- just like al gore. and in austin, i would assume this is going on because of liberals, a big liberal city and that's what liberals do. al gore, once again, as i remind you of that. that probably explains texas. >> so everybody who cheats in texas, it's because of al gore. that's amazing. >> you could bring it down to that. >> and barack obama because, you know, the president -- >> the whole country. gavin, here's the thick. is looking at people who signed up on a cheating web site the best way to measure how many people in the city are cheating? that would be my argument in new york, new yorkers are too smart and don't want to leave a paper trail. >> true. >> i have to say, i don't think
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there is a lot of here, there is not a lot of monogamous relationships. how many people are married in new york? 37. >> really? >> manhattan, there are 37 people married. they can't go out. >> that's an odd number. >> i mean 37 couples. >> married couples. >> tom, you are checking this, i am assuming, right? >> 37 married people. it's too expense testify cheat here. but politics is hollywood for ugly people. and they obviously -- you know, are self obsessed and that leads to infidelity. kiss me, touch me. >> as we were saying before the show, d.c. is about power and powerful people, rich people are probably more likely to cheat. >> in d.c., you don't have to be rich to be powerful. low-paid bureaucrat. if you are a man, if you are totally honest, let's concede. i am totally monogamous with my wife, but they are not exactly
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breaking down the door. that's maybe why i got married because it was, there was a lot of opportunity. so i think men are as faithful as their opportunity. if you are a famous movie star or a politician, there is an intern begging to make out with you or do cigar shenanigans, it would be pretty tempting. i do see the scoff when you are ugly. >> that's part of it. remember kissinger, the oft-quoted line, i am going to disneyland and power is the ultimate aphrodisiac. kissinger got laid all the time. >> really? >> he had chicks set up with him. >> yeah, yeah! he's right. he looks like a ralph steadman cartoon. he is not a good-looking dude. so have you a perfect storm of power, working at this level. but a lot of ugly people who before they got to d.c., probably didn't date that much. were not the casting of the --
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the captain of the football team. and if they were getting -- if they were having anything happen, they were getting married at stean or something and they moved to d.c. and lo and behold, attractive women like them because they have some semblance of power. then it turns into a sex ride to which there are no survivors. >> the photographs -- [growling]. >> they go nuts. >> hey, when i first heard this, i was surprised vegas was not on the list, but then, that's where you go to cheat, if you are from there. >> that's a great point, exactly. >> d.c. beat vegas. >> but vegas wasn't in the top 10. no one in vegas is going to go, i just had sex with a prostitute, put me on the stats. >> when you see something, you say something in d.c. >> yeah. yeah. >> i shouldn't go to the next story, i am told in my head. >> you have schizophrenia? >> i know. what? nothing.
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stop. [laughter] >> shoplifting at the local mall? but first... should greco roman wrestling be cut from the olympics? you are watching red eye on fnc. stick around.
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>> he doesn't want you going home with styrofoam. new york's mayor and my bff michael bloomburg is calling for a ban on styrofoam food packaging. in thursday's state of the city address mayor mcjerk added his plan of styrofoam to the long list of things he would attack like smoking, friendship, fun and love itself. >> what? >> styrofoam increases the
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cost of recycling by as much as $20 per ton because it has to be removed. something that is environmentally destructive and costing taxpayer money and easily replace believe a -- replaceable is something we can do without. >>- q. i i -- >> i can't even talk about him anymore. the american chemistry council, yes, the american chemistry council says styrofoam is recyclable and points to efforts to do so in california. thankfully cats are on board with this whole recycling thing. >> see, mayor bloomburg. we don't need your stupid laws. we have cats. learn. gavin, you said not only were you for this, but you were starting a campaign to make bloomburg a mayor for life, and i am not pleased. >> i think a mayor should have
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17 terms. i don't see why that is so weird. it works for kim jung-ill and then his son took over. you say would be be okay with me bearing a lay-z boy chair in my backyard. they say no and you say why? and they say it takes 40 years to break down. and i say so so, what is the difference between taking a dryer and dropping it in the middle of the lake because rocks are around for millions years. they see this garbage going into their own apartment trash and they say this has got to be bad. so bloomburg who max these rules based on assumptions like we all go to the movie theater and have a cola this big and popcorn this big every night. he makes policies based on this, but the point is styrofoam is not felling up our landfills.
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the fact that he says it is hurting my crazy recycling program is not a criticism of his stupid recycling program. it is a problem with styrofoam. >> it is almost like, okay, cups and chinese food containers, but does he ever buy anything, and then when you open the box you find there is styrofoam in there there -- in there, packing, everything. not to mention the styrofoam peanuts that surround everything you get at christmas. what difference is it going to make for a few cups when everything else that comes in this city is packed in that stuff? >> i also discovered that polly styrene, which is what this is because styrofoam is not a generic thing and cd cases and jewel cases are made of polystyrene. >> that's also one of the names of my daughters, 14-year-old. i think you met her. >> john, you and i are old enough to remember when
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mcdonalds had styrofoam containers. >> and john huntsman, senior made a billion dollars selling those. >>- q. i the big mac hat -- >> the big mac has not gotten worse since then. >> no, that's not what i object to. it it is in the long line of bloomburg things that he is clearly trying to be our nanny. if this was the only thing he was doing it would be okay. when you add up all of the other stuff you can see a pattern. you say what is he up to next? i am scared. i don't know if i care about styrofoam cups. >> at some point we need to make a list of things bloomburg doesn't want to ban, and it will be a short list. every day i wake up and it is sugar redrinks and salt. i am afraid one day he will come to my apartment and start banning food. he is crazy, out of his mind. >> i don't think he can come to your apartment. >> what if he mandates he can? he is a liberal after all. >> all liberals are foreman
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dates. that's -- for mandates, that's their right. >> i don't care about styrofoam containers. it is not the worst thing in the world to get rid of them. i am opposing this on principal. >> what if you ban recycling completely and threw everything in the garbage we would save millions and not worry how much styrofoam affects the stupid recycling program that is not cost effective and a complete lie. everyone gasps when i throw my aluminum cans in the garbage, but that's where they end up. >> what is interesting and bloomburg doesn't say let's find a more effective way to recycle this. let's see if we can do this. no, the instinct is right away let's ban this product. >> i went to the new york city website that talks about their recycling program and they say styrofoam is difficult to recycle because it has to be kept clean and separate from all other types of plastic. apparently what they have to do is ship it and then it is very expensive. >> landfills are going great. it is an efficient way to deal
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with garbage and it is going incredibly well and they take up little of our surface area. what is the problem here, nerds? >> you must have a very large environmentalist fan club, gavin. >> i come from them. that's why it is so easy to stab them in the back. >> bloomburg has been trying to ban you for like 11 years now. actually on this one i wish him well. is there anything that stye styrofoam can do to avoid him the way you have? >> i think it is better to get rid of it than recycle it, right? wouldn't that cost taxpayers more money or ambudsmen can checkup on that. >> now we are playing into his thing where we have to follow his stupid rules. >> i will tell you this show has been making a regular pattern of bashing bloomburg. i am right there with it. i look at bloomburg like i look at lebron james. he does a lot of stuff that makes me angry, but you can't ignore the standards are this, everything is up since he was
11:28 pm
mayor, crime, litter, jobless rates down. i think bloomburg has been -- how is that? waiting for you, twitter. >> bloomburg owning our whole life? >> i am a smoker. if anybody is complaining it should be me not people drinking giant sodas. do you know how much it costs to buy a pack of cigarettes? a lot more than a diswrient mountain d -- a giant mountain dew. >> that's like saying the fda came out and we were having more safety with food and drugs, but the safety with food and drugs was already going up. just because coincidentally -- >> no self-respecting member would use that hand gesture. >> no one gives a crap about the economics. you say i don't care about that stuff -- >> i do care about some of it. >> why can't you have that stuff and not have that stuff? >> no one is perfect, andy. no one. >> i said the whole -- the
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whole is better than some of the parts. >> that makes no sense. >> you don't make any sense. i am valentine's day, not andy. >> have a comment on the show? e-mail as you the red eye at fox and do you have a video of your animal doing something? go to fox eye and click on submit a video and we might use it. still to come, the half time report from tom shillou. >> tonight is sponsored by hula-hoops. they are twirled around the body for amusement. thanks, hula hoops.
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dismie we're back. lets -- we're back. let's see if we have gotten tom shillou.g so far. we did those jokes yesterday. >> boo. >> we do those jokes 105 times. >> was i referencing a new story? >> i never know what you are doing, tom. >> as is my right, i was slaking my thirst. >> i heard you have a new cd out. >> i do. look at that, all right. >> sexy. >> the first time i have seen it all up close like that. >> i gotta tell you, you don't even have to write edgy on it. just the picture alone. >> it is coming out on tuesday. >> nice.
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>> coming up, -- >> yes. we are finding out if you got anything wrong. so many things wrong. the high school story. i just called it high school in my notes here. look, i'm surprised. everybody seemed to be of one opinion on this. i was a little bit surprised. jedediah, you said -- this is not the case of one racial group attacking another. this was just a couple of high schools. why would these kids be banding together with flags on their heads chanting usa. for what reasont would they be tawpting the other school -- taunting the other school, usa if the other team was not american? >> there are an equal amount of hispanics at each school. >> you said that -- -- >> it is not like an all white kid school taunting a school that had every student was mexican, and you could -- no, that's not even demographically what was
11:35 pm
happening. it doesn't make sense. >> you said that. i tried to look up the exact demographics. the school in question -- the school that was being taunted does have a higher percentage of hispanics. by how much i don't know. >> i will tell you. it was 60 something% to 40 something percent. >> andy, how do you ambs while you are hosting. >> it was 60%. >> that's not the po nie t i -- point. i want to know how many were on the basketball team. >> that's not the point. it is motive and what did you mean by that and that is thought control. i don't care what the demographics of each school is , and i don't care why they were doing it. you can use words in the proper grammatical context.
11:36 pm
>> perhaps i can convince you, gavin, that it may not be a typical case. this may be a case of an administrator just trying to discipline students. don't you think an administration should be able to make the call. they know when their students -- you have been around high school kids and you were one yourself, that the administration knows when these kids are horsing around. they are trying to get a rise out of the other guys and he will say, knock it off. >> horsing around is perfectly legal. you should be commended. if you can antagonize your enemy while following the rules, that's good. you get an a plus for that. >> i can understand if this team were playing against a foreign enemy or something, but it is just a couple of high schools. i want to ask you, common sense, why is this school chanting usa. why are they doing it? >> i have to be frank. that has never occurred to me until right now because i was so mad they were criticized for doing that. why are they doing that? they are high school kids. they do stupid things.
11:37 pm
we did stupid things. it didn't go viral. it wasn't a national news story. we didn't have super in10 dents coming in and -- superintendents coming in and stomping on us. >> john gibson said chanting usa is a stupid thing to do, let me just say. i will disassociate myself from that remark. >> maybe they are doing it because they know they live in a climate where doing something that benign is going to get them in trouble. >> there it is! that's what i was looking for, gavin. >> it is this belief system where you can't even scream your own country's home name. >> that's what i was looking for. perhaps this is a case of manufactured outrage. it is the subject that greg gut held talks about in his latest book. you rebt flying i m months? they went on the plane and did their prayers in the airport. they did it, why? because they were trying to get a rise out of people. they were provoking
11:38 pm
something. they were provoking a backlash that they could trumpet in the press. i think these kids know exactly what the -- what will make the administration mad, and they went for. it. >> god bless em them. >> but, tom there is nothing to scold them for. they are not name calling or cursing at anyone. what is the disciplinary action for. i was a dean. i wouldn't be yelling at kids for being patriotic or wearing an american flag. what is the crime we can hold them accountable for? >> there is no crime. i agree with you, jedediah. >> we are equating democracy with school. >> it doesn't have to be a crime regardless on what side you are on. it doesn't have to be a crime for a school administrator to say you don't do that. >> there is no first amendment in high school. >> they are not doing anything wrong. when i say a crime i don't mean a legitimate crime. i mean what are they doing so wrong here? i don't even see anything that you could say you've got de teption for this. for what? chanting usa? so?
11:39 pm
>> this administration is correct. he says he know what's they mean. he says he knows that they are saying like usa, we are the americans, we are the jets and rut sharks. that's what they are saying. >> they have a right to say that. the moms proved the same thing. they antagonized people and made them uncomfortable. williams says this makes me uncomfortable and he is fired. in both cases they are exposing an overly sensitive culture relive in and we are so petrified of offending someone we trample kids' rights. jay he knows they are engaging in horse play. next story. ashley madison, dc ranked first, but perhaps -- andy, you know about statistics and how they can fudge these things all the time. couldn't dc be the most faithful city, but it is just that they are the city most
11:40 pm
likely because there is no way to go out and find nare do well ladies of the evening on the streets, but they have to use a website. >> i brought that point up. looking at staw staw ties sticks from a -- statistics from a website is not an accurate measure of how faithless people in the city are. >> here is an interesting fact -- >> are you going recognize i brought up the actual point you just made? >> he doesn't have time. >> move forward. >> i want them to cut out andy's part. i would rather tom make that point. >> i thought andy would be gracious and he would say, you know what, tom, that's a great point. >> he is a monster. this is a horrible week. >> this is a competition. >> daf vin, you mentioned that -- gavin, you mentioned there were 37 married couples in new york. there is actually many more. but new york does lead the country in unmarried women. women married 41%. >> the problem with that stat is demographics. the elephant in the room is
11:41 pm
puerto rican and you cannot really discuss demographics or marriage in new york or the burrows without getting involved in demographics. though we pretend to be a melting pot we are actually a very segregated society. >> actually the elephant we brought today case from quebec. >> it is the canadian in the room. >> yes, it is the canadian in the room. >> his name is poser. he is hilarious. we'll get him on the show. >> here is an interesting fact. the most -- the professions that are most likely to engage in extramarital affairs on their website, what do you think? andy? >> for gnaw indicating? >> i have no idea. >> bankers and teachers. >> teachers? >> hopefully not with their students. >> who has time to cheat? >> weren't you a teacher, jedediah? >> a couple more interesting facts. highers percentage of married people flower mound, texas,
11:42 pm
75% of the people in that town are married. lowest, bloomington, indiana. isn't that amazing? >> that is amazing. why is that, tom? >> i can't tell you. but the states with the high ease number of people married, texas, colorado, oklahoma, minnesota, illinois and arizona. lowest, new jersey, dc, connecticut and mech mitch. >> all of those blue states. >> that's what i was getting at. >> back to you, andy. coming up, who adores valentine's day more, me or hopeless romantic john gibson? we will have our second annual love off while wearing our favorite boas after the break. first, is sleep texting a real thing or an excuse i give to mr. murdoch? stick around to find out.
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so we've heard a lot from the media about obama's state of the union address, but what did ordinary, hard-working
11:46 pm
americans thong? we don't know. we don't know any. we sent bill schulz out to find out. >> thanks, andy. you are doing a great job. state of the union. i didn't watch it. don't own a tv. let's find out if the res of new york did. >> i didn't watch it. >> what did you do? >> i was reading a book or something. >> unfortunately i couldn't watch the entire thing. >> i don't think anybody did. >> i don't think so either, but it was on every channel. >> it was hard to avoid. a lot like claw midyaw. >> i was watching "full house". >> finally the truth. are you an uncle jesse guy or -- i don't know his i'm that. the guy that slept with uh plan nighs more set. >> jesse. >> you didn't watch it? what were you doing? >> sitting at home watching a movie. >> i thought he hit most of the topics, and it was great. >> what are your thoughts on him saying dogs can only have driver's licenses if they are 16 and over. that's like a hundred in dog
11:47 pm
years. what are your thoughts on christmas colors after the season? >> that's actually you should take them off. right after the christmas. >> okay. well you don't practice what you preach, but i will take your word for it. >> what were your thoughts on him sending senior citizens to mars in order to solve medicare. i thought that was disgusting. >> i am not familiar with that. >> nobody wants to go to mars. it is not like the florida of planets. old people don't want to go there. what are your thoughts that the state of the union is always strawn. >> people are used to one thing. >> you don't have to tell me twice, sister. what about the state of the union is silly? the state of the union is sac see. >> you can take anything you want. >> you can take the state of the union anyway you want. pro obama and perms. some of the themes seem to be that the middle class is in trouble. are you middle class, and are
11:48 pm
you in trouble? >> technically i fall into the middle class. i don't know that i would say i am in trouble. >> would two tickets to annie help? >> two tickets to annie would help a lot. it is a hard knock life. >> i just happen to have in my pocket -- just kidding. if i had two tickets i would not give them to you. >> what would you think had you watched it? >> i don't think i want to participate. >> i think that's can i have your number? it is 917 [bleep]. i am married, but keep it cool. i am available on thursday. >> what are your thoughts of the state of the union? >> don't fall down. be safe. >> i will wait for you to finish. can i have a little? looks good. >> can i ask uh couple quick questions about tv? >> can i ask you a couple quick questions about bill cosby sweaters ? >> joe biden? >> joe biden, he had "red eye." >> he scratched his cornea.
11:49 pm
he was at a motorcross race and he poked himself up in the eye. >> this is not really for fox? >> no, this is nickelodeon. >> can i ask you a couple of questions on the state of the union? >> the state of me is i am a little tired. can you push me on that? >> so did the people of new york think of the state of the union? full house, any tickets, free food and riding on cafe metro carts. i am bill schulz and this was a thing. >> bill, the food, what was it and is that why you were late? >> i was surprised that she gave it to me. motor reflexes kicked in or something and i ate it and i swallowed. >> what was it? >> it was a cinnamon cookie and she kept on walking. that was the only thing i had to eat all day. i thought that was very nice of her. i'll take money, but i'll also accept food. that's for all of you out
11:50 pm
there. >> the germaphobe in me wants to die right now. >> the lover in me wants to -- >> it is time for the germaphobe line. >> does that mean you hate germans? the schulz in me is angry. >> it is time to take a break. a special performance from our musical guests.
11:51 pm
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11:53 pm
last topic. according to a report from villanova university, sleep texting was a growing problem among teens. experts say it goes something like this. the cell phone buzzes and the teen picks it up as a reflex. it is in a transitional sleep state. it answers in a text and it isn't until the next day that someone will tell them about the text. that's what happens. here is the deal. i am not buying this and here is the reason why. as rt pa of my mentor program i text a lot of teens and none have never sleep texted me. >> the people giving you this data are not the teens. it is the parents who have been fed this lie. >> thank you. >> it is called being stoned.
11:54 pm
i notice young people today they will wear a bathing suit with under wear underneath. i say what the hell are you doing? i had a mom explain oh the netting chafes them. i thought, wow, you say whatever and you accept it as fact. it is called insecurity. that's why he has underwear on. texting is called being stoned. the fact you believe it so readily is disturbing. >> they say that the texting is is -- you can tell it is sleep texting because it is gibberish. >> as opposed to? >> full awake teching. >> jedediah, i would hate to think that those 4:00 a.m. texts that you send are sleep texts. >> i meant every word. >> she has a copy. >> and i do this a lot. i am one of these that does like get up in the middle of the night and look at my phone. then if i see a text i have to answer it. the honest truth is i know exactly what i'm saying.
11:55 pm
the next day if i say something stupid i probably meant it. >> i don't mind if you get up in the middle of the night. you wake me up when you lean over to grab the phone. >> come on, i roll you off the bed sometimes. >> that i don't mind. >> john, i would hate to think those 4:00 a.m. texts you sent are sleep texts. >> i turn the phone off at night. somebody is always texting me from a coast and a different time zone and in the middle of the night it goes off and i say why is somebody bothering me at 4:00 a.m. is that you? >> i put my phone on airplane mode. i don't care how much you call or text me. it doesn't matter. >> this is pretty much as real as the moon landing. >> so unbelievably real. it is a conspiracy theory. >> you really don't believe the moon -- >> the stanley could cubic film. >> i believe in this. as you know i am in a half
11:56 pm
awake, half sleep phase for most of the working day. i am just now coming out of it. i have done this before. i think it is part and parcel to sleep walking. i sleep walk all the time. it is never anything that is an actual thing. it is like i will wake up and it will be a couple of th's and maybe some p's and a smiley face here or there depending on my half asleep mood. this is a thing. >> it is because are you stoned. >> x-nay on the pot-ay. kids don't do drugs. >> go to fox eye.
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